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Discussing Agriculture Issues Wheat growers from 13 states were provided a glimpse of North Carolina agriculture thanks to hosts Kathy and Lenuel Chamberlain of Deep Creek Farms located near Yadkinville. The Chamberlains hosted the group in cooperation with the North Carolina Small Grain Growers Association.

Deep Creek Farms is a diversified farming operation with corn, wheat, soybeans, hay and silage in crop production with primarily an Angus cattle herd. Deep Creek Farms is also an agricultural input supplier and markets grains for regional growers.

Lenuel and Kathy Chamberlain have graciously hosted a farm tour for the past 4 years to Wheat Industry Womens' Program participates to provide a view of a North Carolina farming operation.

The growers, most from the north and western states of Montana, Kansas, Wyoming, California, Washington, and elsewhere, were given a tour of the farm and a general overview of its operations. They were then hosted at a reception and dinner at the farm's cattle barn location.

Cattle Barn Dinner The group was visiting North Carolina as participants in the National Association of Wheat Growers - Syngenta Crop Protection Leadership at its Best program. The group is provided training in association management, public speaking, communications, and media relations during a four-day workshop. Kathy Chamberlain was a participant of Wheat Industry Womens' Program in 1997.

Prominent guests attending the event included Dusty Tallman, President of the National Association of Wheat Growers (NAWG), Jack Eberspacher, NAWG CEO, Yadkin County Commissioners Thomas Wooten and Brent Hunter, Yadkin County Manager Cecil Wood, members of the Yadkin County Soil and Water Conservation District, present and former members of the North Carolina Small Grain Growers Association and local producers.

The food was outstanding and the fellowship of discussing all aspects of Agriculture made for a wonderful evening. A gift bag with many North Carolina products was presented to each program participant.

The North Carolina Small Grains Growers Association appreciates the hospitality that Lenuel and Kathy Chamberlain provided in representing North Carolina agriculture and to Syngenta for the leadership training to the future leaders of The Wheat Industry.

Nicole Berg, a farmer and WAWG board member from Washington state had this to say about the conference, "The U.S. Wheat Industry is a billion dollar business, and programs like this one helps us compete with the other billion dollar industries. The relationships created by programs such as this one helps us grow in business, personally, and spiritually. As farmers we get caught on the farm in our own little world's, but high caliber programs such as this one helps us open our eyes to the issues in which we may not have even thought about. Furthermore, it gives us the vehicle to do something about these issues."

If you are interested in attending any of the NAWG or NAWG Foundation sponsored leadership conferences, please contact June Silverberg, Director of Business Development at June Silverberg or 202.547.7800.

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